South Bend Police Department Press Release

Saturday, April 29, 2006


Homicide: 3434 Putnam Place

South Bend Police were dispatched to 3434 Putnam Place on the City's west side at pparocimately 1:40 a.m. on Saturday, April 29, 2006. Officers and medics arrived to find a 16 year-old South Bend resident dead from multiple gunshot wounds.

The St. Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit (MHU) was called in to investigate this murder.

Anyone with information on this homicide is asked to call the MHU at 574-235-5009, or Crime Stoppers at 574-288-STOP.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


News and Infomation Regarding the Funeral of Cpl. Scott Severns

Monday, April 24, 2006


Visitation & Funeral Arrangements for Cpl. Severns

The following are the arrangements for the funeral of Cpl. Scott L. Severns:

Viewing: Thursday, April 27, 2006, 2:00 - 8:00 p.m.: Bethel College Wiekamp Center, 2000 N. Logan St., Mishawaka; Map

Funeral Service: Friday, April 28, 2006, 10:00 a.m.: St. Matthews Church, 1700 S. Miami St., South Bend; Map

A procession to Southlawn Cemetery, 61000 U.S. 31 S. Will follow the service.

At this time, the exact routes for the two processions are not finalized. The routes will be published as soon as possible.

For Law Enforcement Only: Staging of emergency vehicles for the Friday funeral services will begin at 07:00 hrs. at Showplace 16 theaters parking lot. MAP

The funeral is expected to last from 4-6 hours. Significant street blockages and delays can be expected. The South Bend Police family asks for your patience as we pay our last respects to Cpl. Scott Severns. Thank you.


Late-Night Police Procession


There will be a late-night procession of emergency vehicles tonight (April 24, 2006) beginning at 10:00P.M.. The procession is to honor slain officer Scott Severns.

The procession will begin near Hickory and McKinley Ave. in South Bend at the former Target store MAP parking lot. Once assembled the route will be as follows:

South on Hickory to Jefferson; West on Jefferson to Ironwood; South on Ironwood to Northside; West on Nortside (passing the 1300 block of Clover) to Sample St.; Sample Street south to Lincloln Way East; Lincoln Way East to Ironwood; Ironwood Dr. South to a location significant to the family; The procession will then resume North on Michigan St. from Ireland; West on Sample Street, past the SBPD Headquarters; North on Chapin St.; East on Western; North on St. Joseph to Jefferson; East on Jefferson to Hickory; North on Hickory returning to the Target parking lot.

Any law enforcement officer from any agency with a vehicle equipped with emergency lighting is welcome to participate in this procession. Please be at the assembly point no later than 9:45 p.m..

Any citizens that would like to be present to witness the procession are welcome to go to any public place along the route and show support. Individuals are also welcome to assemble at the memorial in front of the SBPD Headquarters on Sample St. The procession is expected to pass this site at approximately 10:45-11:00P.M. It would be appropriate to bring a candle and light it as the procession passes.

Sunday, April 23, 2006


Officer Memorial Area

Members of the public and law enforcement are welcome to leave momentos and flowers at a memorial to Corporal Scott Severns.

The memorial is in front of the South Bend Police Headquarters located at 701 W. Sample Street, in South Bend.

Please make sure that any items left are weighted or heavy enough not to be carried away by the wind.

We thank the members of our community who are supporting the Severns family and the SBPD with your thoughts, kind words and prayers in our time of grief.


SBPD in Mourning

It is with deep regret that we must report that Corporal Scott Severns of the South Bend Police Department, has succumbed to the gunshot injuries that he received on Friday, April 21st. He passed-away at Three o’clock this morning.

Cpl. Severns received his injuries while trying to foil a robbery attempt and protect the life of another person.

He now joins the other members of the law enforcement community who laid down their lives in the protection of others.

In his passing, this community, and our Family, has lost a Son, a Brother, a Grandson, a Community Servant, a Brother Officer, a Friend and a Hero.

Scott was born on June 25, 1969;

Scott is a third-generation South Bend Police Officer;

He graduated from LaSalle High School in 1987 and Bethel College in 1992;

He was sworn in as a South Bend Police Officer on his birthday, in 1997;

He was highly decorated in his 8 year law enforcement career, receiving no less than - Four Officer of the Month awards, - a Chiefs Award of Valor,- a Unit Meritorious Service award for his work of the SWAT team, - and Police Officer of the Year for 2004;

He was a long-time member of the Midnight Shift, Patrol Division, and had recently transferred to the Metro Special Operations Section as a Narcotics Investigator.

Scott possessed a great work ethic, extreme courage and dedication to this department and community. His goal was to someday become a K-9 officer and follow in the footsteps of his Father, Dennis.

The South Bend Police Department and the City of South Bend join in sending our prayers, thoughts and deepest sympathy to the Severns family.

We mourn the loss of our brother and ask the citizens of this community to remember Scott in your prayers.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Update On Shooting of SBPD Officer


On Friday, April 21, 2006, at approximately 10:45 P.M., the South Bend Police Department received a call of a shooting with a police officer involved in the 1300 block of South Clover Street in South Bend.

Police and medics arrived to find a plain clothes South Bend Police Officer shot and down in a parking lot. The officer was immediately transported to Memorial Hospital by South Bend Fire Department Medics and underwent emergency surgery and remains in critical condition.

The Officer in this case is being identified as Corporal Scott Severns, an 8-year veteran of the South Bend Police Department.

Officer Severns has received numerous commendations throughout his career as well as being named the South Bend Police Department’s “Officer of the Year” in 2004.


South Bend Officer Shot

On Friday, April 21, 2006, at approximately 10:45 P.M., the South Bend Police Department received a call of a shooting with a police officer involved in the 1300 block of South Clover Street in South Bend.

Police and medics arrived to find a plain clothes South Bend Police Officer shot and down in a parking lot. The officer was immediately transported to Memorial Hospital by South Bend Fire Department Medics and underwent emergency surgery and is currently listed in critical condition.

The case is currently being investigated by the Saint Joseph County Metro Homicide Unit (MHU), as is standard procedure in all police involved shootings. At this time there is one suspect in custody.

The identity of the officer is not being released at this time pending the notification of his family.

Any inquiries regarding the investigation or suspect information in this case should be directed to the St. Joseph County MHU (574-235-5009) and/or the St. Joseph County Prosecutor’s Office.

The South Bend Police Department will issue further media statements regarding the officer’s condition as warranted.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


South Bend PD Seeks Law Enforcement Accreditation


The South Bend Police Department has begun a process to achieve accreditation as a Certified Law Enforcement Organization. The certification commission in which we are attempting full membership is known as the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, or “CALEA”. We are doing this because accreditation tells the community, the police department itself, and all law enforcement that we know our duties and are operating correctly.

CALEA is an organization that is over 25 years old, and was established as the accreditation authority by the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP); National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE); National Sheriffs' Association (NSA); and Police Executive Research Forum (PERF). The Executive Directors of these four associations, which represent approximately 80% of the law enforcement profession in this nation, appoint 21 members to the Commission (11 law enforcement practitioners and 10 from the public-private sector); an endorsement requires a majority vote for each appointment.

Currently the South Bend Police Department is in year-one of a three year process to achieve accreditation. In this time all of the standards and practices of the department will be analyzed, evaluated and re-written as necessary. When complete, we will be assured that the South Bend Police Department’s standard operating procedures and methods are sound and in compliance with national and international policing standards.

We invite members of the media to contact our department and allow us to discuss the benefits to the community and the police department that independent accreditation will bring. We can also discuss cost and the actual process of evaluation and inspection of our department by an independent commission. In the mean time, we suggest you visit these web sites to see what we are attempting to achieve for better policing in and for the community:


SBPD Senior Citizen's Police Academy

SBPD Senior Citizen's Police Academy

WHEN: May 30th, 2006 through June 15th, 2006
WHERE: The South Bend Police Department
TIME: 8:00 A.M. to 12:00 noon = (six sessions)

Course specifics: The Senior Citizen’s Police Academy will be presented on Tuesdays May 30th, June 6th and June 13th & Thursdays June 1st, 8th and June 15th .

Attendance at all six sessions is required.

Age requirements: Students must be 60 (sixty) years of age or older.

Course subjects and topics: All facets of our South Bend Police Department will be presented and demonstrations and exhibits of equipment will be given and displayed. You will meet many of our personnel and also meet people from other agencies we work with. (For more information call Administrative Assistant Dawn Sly, 574-235-9496.)

Applications are available at the front desk of the police department, or you may download here

Tuesday, April 11, 2006






The following mentally challenged individual is missing from her home since 7:00PM, on 04-10-2006:

Kari Price: Age 19; Light complected female black.
5'-07"; 140#; Reddish Blond Hair; Wire-Rimmed Glasses;
Last seen: 800 N. Twyckenham Dr., South Bend.
Wearing: Gray T-Shirt, Red Jogging Pants w/White Stripe, White Tennis Shoes
Female is Mentally Challenged, not from the South Bend area, and has no
family or friends in the area. Female is believed to have walked away from
her home. No destination is known.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of this individual is asked to call the
S.B.P.D. immediately at 574-235-9201.

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Traffic Alert

This alert is being made to advise all individuals who travel in the Downtown South Bend area of a major event that is expected to have an effect on traffic this Monday, April 10, 2006 from 9:00 A.M. through 1:00 P.M.

On Monday, April 10, 2006, the “Michiana Immigrant Coalition” is sponsoring a “National Day of Action for Immigrant Rights”. This event is scheduled to include a march from the Morris Civic Auditorium, south on St. Joseph Street to Jefferson, west on Jefferson, north on Main Street, east on Washington and north on Michigan where it will return to the Hunt Plaza in front of the Morris Civic.

This event could draw several thousand people, and it is expected that major interruptions to traffic could occur in and around the downtown area. Access to some businesses in this area could also be interrupted for periods of time. The South Bend Police Department urges anyone traveling into the downtown area on Monday to allow additional travel time.


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