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Records Bureau

The Records Bureau of South Bend Police Department (Director Cindy Szuba) is comprised of 23 civilian employees that constitute 7 divisions providing public services:  Records Management, Alarm Billing, Court Liaison,   Data Entry, Statistical Reporting, Evidence/Property Management and Public Service Officers.

Records – 574-235-9212
Business Hours
Monday-Saturday 8:00AM – 8:00PM
Cash or Money Orders Only

Records manages South Bend Police Departments case records throughout their lifetime, from creation to archival or destruction.  Records performs a multitude of services for the public

The Records Department provides the following services:

Accident Report:     $8.00
Accident Reports can be bought at the Police Station or online through the State for $12.00 at https://www.buycrash.com    

Audio Tape, CD Disc:     $10.00
Tapes and CDs must be approved through the Public Access Process before purchasing.

Background Checks:    $7.00
The background check provided will only verify if you have a criminal history locally.  Background checks can be processed by mail.  If requesting by mail, you will need to send a notarized letter stating that you are requesting a background check, a photo copy of your driver’s license, $7 money order and a self-addressed stamped envelope. 

Fingerprints:     $15.00 per card
Employment screening for a prospective employer or added to a Background Check are done during normal business hours only.  Fingerprints for Handgun Permits must be done electronically at one of the States L1 certified sites. http://www.l1enrollment.com/state/?st=in 

Handgun Permit:    $10.00 (4 year),   $40.00 (Renewal),   $50.00 (Lifetime)
Permits applications are available for South Bend City residents only (County residents must go to the County Jail).    The application process is done online at https://firearms.ariesportal.com  .   There will be an application fee for the State that you pay online.    Fingerprints for Handgun Permits must be done electronically at one of the States L1 certified sites. http://www.l1enrollment.com/state/?st=in .  Fingerprints and the State Application Fee MUST be completed 7 days prior to you coming to the SBPD for the Permit Fee.    

Impound/Towing:    $10.00
Your vehicle may not be available for immediate release due to an investigation.   If your car is able to be released you will need to bring ALL items listed below to the Police Station before it will be released.

  • Current Legal Vehicle Owner Must Be Present 
  • VALID Licensed Driver (with Photo License present) to operate the vehicle.  If the vehicle is to be towed to a residence you must provide a VALID State issued ID
  • Proof Of Proper and Current (not expired or out of date) Registration
  • Proof of VALID Current Insurance in effect showing coverage dates and vehicle description
  • If recently purchased, a proper and valid Bill of Sale and/or Title

Photos:   $1.00 per photo
All Photos must have approval through the Public Access process.

Public Access:  $0.10 per page
Law Enforcement case reports or partial case reports may be able to be released with the approval of the City Attorney for Public Access. Not all Public Access request are granted, depending on the nature of the incident.   The Public Access form must be completed and it must clearly state the specific time frame that you are inquiring about.  (Link to form below)    The form must be brought to the South Bend Police Department so that we can include the case with the form and present it to the city Attorney. Further information in reference to the Public Access Laws of Indiana can be found at http://www.in.gov/pac/files/pac_handbook.pdf 

Salvage Checks:   $5.00
Salvage Checks are done at the South Bend Police Station on Only on Thursdays between 11:00-12:00PM.    Please call ahead to verify Salvage Checks were not canceled.

Summary Report:    $8.00
The Summary Report has minimal information concerning a case that is also part of the public log.   The Summary Report can be used with most insurance companys for claim purposes. 

VIN Check:   $5.00
Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check inspections are required for out of state purchased vehicles prior to being registered at the Indiana BMV.    VIN checks can be done at the South Bend Police Department during business hours.   For offsite VIN checks, the fee must be paid at the Police Department and the receipt shown to the officer once they arrive.  If you do not have your receipt the officer will not proceed.   VIN checks must be done during daylight hours only.

** Please note there is a minimum of $2.00 mailing fee as we do not fax reports.

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