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CityWide Weekly Crime Location Map

The South Bend Police Department's Regional Crime Intelligence Unit is responsible for providing crime maps and statistics to the media, here at the SBPD website and for other sources. 

This map is provided weekly as an overview showing concentrations and area-specific locations of criminal activity, including residential and non-residential burglaries, as well as motor vehicle thefts (MVT).

Click Here for full size map (1700 px. X 2200 px.)- This may take up to a few minutes via dial-up connection.
Crime Map

More crime prevention resources and tips on preventing yourself from becoming a victim are provided for you at our Crime Prevention Bureau page. See more information on the RCIU here.

DISCLAIMER: The information displayed on this website is susceptible to some degree of error due to the collection, entry, and geoprocessing of the data. No warranty or guarantee is made nor implied regarding the content, geographic accuracy, timeliness, completeness, sequence, or accuracy of any of the information provided herein. The reader should not rely on the data provided herein for any reason. The information is provided strictly as a courtesy to the public.

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