Monday, March 9, 2009

Investigative Week

Well, one more week down (and it seems like oh so many more) here at ILEA. This week was Investigative Week where you spend two days of criminal investigation lectures, two days of crash investigation lectures, and one day of practicums and the written exam. I can't say this was the most thrilling week but it wasn't all bad either.

Monday 03/02/09 - Tuesday 03/03/09
0700-0800 Breakfast
0800-1150 Criminal Investigations (PT on Tuesday at 0800)
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1650 Criminal Investigations
1700-1800 Dinner

Monday and Tuesday we had lecture on criminal investigations and proper procedures all day - it seemed a little bit like common sense but I think that's only because I worked fraud for so long. Monday was nice because the Indiana State Police Lab personnel came in for a few hours to teach us about evidence technicians, fingerprint analysis, and firearms/tool mark examiners. I have to admit I felt pretty lucky since South Bend is blessed with individuals who are capable in these areas... a lot of my fellow classmates don't even have evidence technicians in their entire county! Monday we ended the day with interviewing techniques, interrogation techniques, and body language. Tuesday morning PT came by and we played the Card Game - each card in a deck represents a work out: the number is the amount and the suit is the exercise. We hurt pretty bad but that marked the end of Phase II in PT... can't wait for Phase III! In class we had an interview practicum where we interviewed each other to see how we could get information from various types of people. The afternoon we spent learning how to properly investigate death scenes (natural deaths or homicides) which was pretty neat; I did learn, however, that coroners really have a sick sense of humor... I thought cops were bad!

Wednesday 03/04/09 - Thursday 03/05/09
0700-0800 Breakfast
0800-1150 Crash Investigations (PT on Thursday at 0800)
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1650 Crash
1700-1800 Dinner

Crash investigations was not nearly as interesting as criminal investigations. I think I learned just about every skill in high school geography so sitting in class was horrible! I did learn how to use the electronic report writing program which will be very useful in the future so class wasn't a complete bore. Wednesday night we had an exam over the previous week's material (I got a 96%) and then had liberty. I met up with some friends who live in Indy and had a nice greasy burger... which I definitely felt Thursday morning during PT. We started official CrossFit work outs which I love but I wasn't expecting... whoops! Come Thursday afternoon we sit down for a study session with Dr. Love and we were all a bit stressed out about having to test on Friday over this week's material.

Friday 03/06/09
0700-0800 Breakfast
0800-1000 Criminal Investigation
1000-1200 Crash Investigation
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1400 Criminal Review
1400-1500 ARIES Report
1600-1700 Exam

Friday rolled around rather quickly and I was stoked to go home. In the morning we had to investigate a crime scene (I got a pretty gruesome murder) which went by really quickly. After solving the crime (I played evidence tech) we wrote our reports and would later give a presentation of our findings. The rest of the morning we spent investigating a crash scene which I have to admit was a lot more fun when you get hands on. It wasn't hard but it kept you busy and was definitely a good time. After lunch we gave our criminal presentation on the murder then went into writing an accident report for our crash scene. The rest of the afternoon we had our roughest exam yet... but I got a 94%!

That's it for this week... I wont be updating for two more weeks until Criminal Law is over. I've heard nothing but horror stories so wish me luck!