Monday, February 9, 2009


Sometimes, you just gotta dig deep to find things. To know your limits you have to make mistakes. And sometimes, just sometimes, you need to earn 100 push ups from hitting traffic cones with a car at 80 mph to learn a lesson.

This week was EVOC (Emergency Vehicle Operation Course) and it was a blast! All I can say is something about driving at high speeds and pulling "racing" maneuvers is pretty thrilling, I can't lie. Our schedule looked like this:

Monday 02/02/09 - Friday 02/06/09
0700-0800 Breakfast
0800-1150 EVOC
1200-1300 Lunch
1300-1650 EVOC
1700-1800 Dinner

Monday we spent most of our day out in the EVOC classroom doing our basic lecture. We learned the terms (most of which are derived from professional racing) and tactics that police officers often have to use while driving in emergency situations. Its very unique that our profession allows us (and often demands) that we drive a certain way. I knew that high speeds and quick turns would be part of the job but I never realized that there would be too much method to the madness. Clearly I was a bit wrong. We finished out the day setting up our two courses for Tuesday and did our daily vehicle check ups. By the evening, however, I wasn't feeling to well and would actually go to bed at 1730... which is why last week my update was extremely late.

Tuesday had a slow start to it because of the snow down here in Plainfield. Never before have I seen people freak out about a few inches of snow, but then again I realize not all people are used to a foot of lake effect snow in one night. Because we had to wait for the course to be cleaned off A Squad got to do extra morning PT which was the hardest we have had yet. Naturally, being A Squad we kicked butt and went straight out to EVOC. Out on the track we were introduced to all of our guest instructors and shoved into our cars. Ballistic vests, gun belts, and helmets all changed the dynamics of driving... a lot more realistic for the work environment than jeans and a hoodie.

Most of the week went really well (I struggled with one course on Wenesday, earning 100 push ups by the end of it). I had trouble all week to keep my eyes from tearing because I was so sick I went to bed by 1900 and didn't break my fever til Friday morning. Its also a bit difficult to explain a lot of the driving aspects in written word without the lovely pictures and diagrams we were provided... so I'll unfortunately need to cut most of the week out. I really wish I could explain it in more detail!

Friday morning came by and it was time for our written test. I had passed all of my practical driving courses and was pretty stoked. Thursday and Friday I had an excellent instructor from Elkhart City PD who could really handle a car. I'm no professional racer now, but I'd say I come a bit close :-P

After taking our tests we ran a few more courses to challenge ourselves and headed to lunch. We finished up driving afterwards and then watched a few movies on the liability we must consider when using our lights and sirens... the slightest mistake can affect many lives forever, including our own. But, after getting that message across we were out by 1530 and I was on my way home!

Next week I'll write a bit more, we're focusing on STOPS and Verbal Judo. I just started a new work out routine via CrossFit and I'm exhausted! See you next week!