Saturday, June 06, 2009
Changes Ahead

After three years of handling the Ask A Cop blog, I have planned some changes, in conjunction with the ongoing redo of our website and our content.

This past week we implemented two new interactive features, notably our Facebook page and updates from Twitter.

With those two features, I have found that our unofficial news updates are taking on a more blog type twist, and with that, the way news and other announcements are broadcast is changing.

My "for now" intent is to gradually move Ask A Cop from a dedicated, standalone feature to being incorporated into our SBPD Blog, which will be a catch all of features that are now spread all over. The blog will likely contain:
- New website featured content announcements
- Crime Prevention tips and announcements
- Ask A Cop questions
- Stories from certain calls or situations periodically
- and anything else about goings on

So for those of you that take the time to check in, Ask A Cop is not going away, but will be morphing over to incorporate some of this other stuff that will hopefully enlighten you as to what goes on at our department outside of making arrests and doing reports.

I can tell you that not many police departments try to share and interact in these kind of styles, and hopefully my approach to the website and its content is unique in many ways for residents and readers. It will get more interesting over the next few months, so please stay tuned!

In the meantime, keep checking this page for updates, more questions being answered, and please check out our Twitter and Facebook pages and join us there!

- Cpl. Edward Koczan
Web Content/Design Manager


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Wednesday, May 27, 2009
What's Going On
Sorry for the lack of recent Ask A Cop updates. Questions have not been as frequent to warrant weekly updates. I added some of the newest ones and should have more later this week.

This week we implemented our South Bend Police Twitter account. For those of you who are not familiar, Twitter is a social networking and microblogging service that allows you answer the question, "What are you doing?" by sending short text messages 140 characters in length, called "tweets", to your friends, or "followers."

Follow us @ Twitter here!

We are still smoothing out some details, but expect to see relevant news updates, crime prevention and safety tips, and other special features only for our Twitter followers. In addition you can be notified via tweets or SMS text massages from Twitter to your phone when Ask A Cop is updated!

Also our Fall Citizens' Police Academy will begin SEPTEMBER 8, 2009 and does fill up fast. You can sign up and download the form online from our home page!

Check back this week for more Ask A Cop questions and thanks for reading!


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Welcome to the newly reformatted South Bend Police Department Blog. This blog is an excellent way for us to be more accessible to the public through open communication not typical for law enforcement.

This blog incorporates SBPD related announcements, our popular Ask A Cop feature questions still answered, Twitter updates, and other Crime Prevention related tips you can use.

Take a look at the articles posted on this blog and you’ll find many inform-
ative and interesting topics. We try to cover issues that really affect you such as providing a wide range of safety and crime prevention tips, or explaining some of the mysteries of police work so you have a better understanding of why we do things.

You also get to hear periodically from our guest bloggers such as recruits going through the academies to become officers. “Ask A Cop” is still here, and since 2006 has been very popular with over 360 questions from citizens and our answers posted to date!

Thanks for visiting. If you have any questions or suggestions about the blog, contact us!

About Ask A Cop
The South Bend Police Ask A Cop forum and blog is provided for entertainment purposes only. Content provided is for general information and does not represent an all inclusive answer for every person and every situation.

As such, all content is provided 'as is' and without warranties or guarantees of any kind, either express or implied. Use of this site and reliance on the content is exclusively at the user's risk.

Information provided on or through this site does not constitute legal advice nor legal representation. For these purposes, the user should consult an attorney.

Questions submitted to Ask A Cop are read and reviewed to determine the eligibility of the question for publication.
The South Bend Police Department reserves the right not to answer or post a question, particularly if the content is deemed unacceptable or inappropriate.

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