Wednesday, February 11, 2009
Parking Over Sidewalk?
Q: My husband and I live within city limits and want to know if you are parked in your driveway why can you still get a parking ticket if the cars go all the way to the road and block the sidewalk a bit? We have never had this complaint before and have a large family with gatherings often and I don't want to have a problem with this.

A: The car parked in the driveway may not block or obstruct the actual sidewalk crossing area, otherwise the parked vehicle is considered a pedestrian traffic obstruction and you could be cited. Parking should end before the sidewalk begins and cannot block or restrict the widewalk access.


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Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Neighbor Parking Woes
Q: My neighbors boyfriend parks in front of my driveway. Not all the the way just enough so I can't back out. I've tried politely asking him not to, only to be yelled at. What else can I do?

A: If you are unable to handle the parking situation yourself you may contact police at the time of the violation and request to speak to an officer to see if the offense can be cited as a parking violation. Perhaps a parking citation will get the point across to your neighbor!


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Thursday, November 29, 2007
Parking on Wrong Side of Street
Q: Is there a law about a person parking the wrong direction on a residential street.(facing the other direction). Also, is there a law about parking with only a portion of your vehicle in a handicapped zone?

A: Parking on the wrong side of the street is also a violation of city ordinance and is a $10.00 fine per incident. Handicapped zone violations are a $50.00 fine per incident if improperly parked.


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Parking Violations
Q: The Indiana drivers manual states that it is illegal to park closer than 15 ft. of a fire hydrant. There is a SBCSC bus that has been parking anywhere from 2-5ft. from a hydrant in the middle of Concord Ave. on the odd side of the street. They also park in the tree lawn which is becoming "mud" biggest concern is that should there be a fire during school hours, the bus is far too close to the hydrant.

A: Parking obstructing a hydrant as well as parking on tree lawns is enforceable by parking ticket citations. If it is a repeat problem with a particular bus I would suggest to contact SBCSC Transportation to have them speak with your neighborhood driver first.


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Thursday, November 08, 2007
Disabled Parking
Q:I was wondering what the policy is on handicap spaces in the City of South Bend. When I attended Ivy Tech they said that their handicap spaces could only be used by people who have legal plates or tags distributed by the Indiana BMV. However, now that I attend Indiana University South Bend they allow vehicles without these legal tags to park in handicap parking spaces simply by getting an IUSB handicap hang tags. I am confused by this because I thought that handicap parking spaces were a federally mandated thing.

A: Indiana Code 9-14-5 requires persons to display a state issued Disabled Parking placard, or state "disability" license plate upon the vehicle for proper parking. As for IUSB parking on campus, I suggest to contact the IUSB police department to clarify their procedures on campus.


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What is Parking?
Q:How exactly is "parking" defined in regards to a No Parking sign? Is that the same as no STOPPING, or is "parking" only when the driver leaves the vehicle. For example, can I stop at a yellow-painted curb to drop off or pick up a passenger so long as I have my
4-way flashers on?

A: IC 8-10-1 defines Parking as "the stopping or standing of a vehicle whether occupied or not". A vehicle shall not be deemed to be parked if stopped temporarily for any of the following reasons:
(1) Movement of the vehicle is obstructed.
(2) The vehicle is waiting to enter or leave a gate booth lane.
(3) The vehicle is in obedience to:
(A) the direction of a police officer, port security officer, or other commission employee assigned to traffic control

So in short, no parking means a vehicle is not to be stopped for any period of time.


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Thursday, July 05, 2007
Parking on Streets
Q: We had a new neighbor move in recently. They have had many cars- typically about 6-7 every night since they have moved in. They park up and down the street so the neighbors have no room to have their company over as there is nowhere to park. I figure that the one night was for a welcome to your new home party but it is becoming an every night thing. Is there anything we can do?

A: In most residential areas in the city, parking spaces are NOT exclusive to the street or area in front of your house. As such, if cars are legally and properly parked, there is no enforcement action that can be taken about cars parking in front of your house, since parking spaces are generally not "assigned" on city streets.

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