Tuesday, September 16, 2008
More Loud Noise
Q: I have read some previous questions, and just need some clarification. I have a neighbor, not in the apartment next to me, but next to that apartment, and he plays his music extremely loudly at all hours of the night and morning, weekdays and weekends. However, I'm not sure if it would be loud enough for the police to even do anything about it, or if they would do anything regardless. I have contacted my property manager, and the music still is continuing on a nightly basis. Is there anything I can do to get a good nights sleep?

A:I see your address that you appear to be a Roseland resident. I am not sure if the town has a specific loud noise ordinance like South Bend does, so I encourage you to call RPD and checkk, or to report this noise. Since you live in an apartment, the property manager does have some obligation to ensure peace for all residents. I would encourage you also to report this and handle it with the manager as well.


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Wednesday, January 16, 2008
Loud Noise From Neighbor Stereo
Q: I have a neighbor who plays his car stereo loudly. It was so loud it woke me up twice in the last two weeks. I do not want to approach this person. I am a single white female living alone. I cannot get the license plate # as he has tinted plastic covering his license plate. I couldn't see the numbers. My question is, can an officer drive by and get the license plate number and send him a warning letter in the mail to let him know he is disturbing his neighbors? I work hard and am tired of being woke up in the middle of the night.

Q: I have a neighbor who revs their engine and honks their horn after midnight repeatedly every night. We have asked them to please stop because it's waking my children who have school, to no prevail.

A: Unfortunately there is not a way to send a generic enforcement letter or contact unless an officer can verify this complaint. This would need to be done by you contacting the police when this noise complaint is taking place and if witnessed, the officer can take appropriate action, including a verbal warning or citation. I suggest to contact our non emergency number (235-9201) to report when this is happening when possible.


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Monday, December 17, 2007
More Loud Neighbors
Q:My wife and I live in an older neighborhood with houses that are very close together. Our next door neighbor rents the upstairs of his home to renters. Every Thursday night they have a big card party with loud music until extremely late at night. What recourse do we have? Last night I called the non-emergency number to report this, but I'm hoping that we won't need to do that on a weekly basis. I'll be contacting our neighbors about it, but in the past they have been unreceptive to our concerns.

A: As always I suggest to contact the neighbors and speak with them first. If you find this does not solve the problem you may contact police to investigate and issue a citation if deemed in violation of the loud noise ordinance. Sadly, calling to report each time this occurs will be the only way police can address this when it happens.


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Loud Semi Running
Q:I live in an apartment complex where each unit altogether forms a circle facing a central parking lot. There is a semi truck that parks in this parking lot and is left running overnight several nights a week. I have tried playing music and even wearing ear plugs, but the engine is so loud they are not effective. If I am having these problems, I would have to believe that many other people are as well. Is this individual allowed to do this? Is there anything I can legally do to make it stop? It is 2:30 am on yet another night of suffering from this dilemma. Thank you for your response...

A: I see by your address you live in Mishawaka. I would suggest you first contact the apartment management to resolve, as their rules may prohibit that, and they can likely most effectively address this with the truck driving tenant. Otherwise, a running engine is likely not going to be considered enough of a noise violation to take enforcement action on.


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Sunday, September 30, 2007
More Loud Noise Questions
Q: Hello, what is the law when it comes to people playing loud music in an apartment building? If I call the police do I have to file a police report. I am a afraid that if I call the police I will be harrased by my neighbors.

A: The city loud noise ordinance applies to apartments as well. You are not required to provide your information when calling to make a complaint, but it is helpful so the officer can speak with you to help you and get more information about the problem, which is then more difficult to enforce if the complainant does not make themselves known.


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Saturday, August 04, 2007
Changing the Noise Ordinance
Q: There have been more and more complaints for loud neighbors which we also deal with in my neighborhood on a daily basis. Some people have no respect for others and that causes problems. I would like to see the noise ordinance changed, how can we as tax payers help to get this accomplished?

A: The city loud noise ordinance allows fair enforcement of the city ordinance (13-57). If you would like to see about getting the ordiance changed I encourage you to contact your respective city council member to discuss your concerns.


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Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Reporting A Loud Neighbor
Q:We have been having trouble with our neighbors this summer. They put in a backyard pool and deck and often have get togethers which have gotten very loud and happen 3-4 nights a week. Our houses are very close together. We have asked them to please control the noise at a decent hour (they are screaming and yelling and blaring music until 3-4 in the morning. The don't even get loud until 10 p.m.). We tried to talk to them in person, but nothing every changes. I called the non-emergency number and reported a
noise disturbance. The police officer came out and talked to them, but after they left my neighbor started yelling even louder. I am nervous about what might happen if I have to call for noise again. What can the police do help us feel safe in this situation?

A: As I mentioned in the next post, city ordinance 13-57 outlines noise violations and repeat calls for gatherings. If you do not wish to address yourself with a neighbor, then police can do so for you and enforce the ordinance with a warning or citation if the noise is excessive or becomes a repeat call.

If you do not report the violation then it makes it difficult for police to enforce if we are not made aware of the situation. You do not need to give your information unless you wish to have an officer contact you as well at the time of the call, but it is always appreciated and the officer can give you more information about the enforcement taken for that circumstance if you do.


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Are YOU a Loud Neighbor?
Q: This past weekend I had a dozen friends over for a get together. I had a stereo turned on and at what I thought was a comfortable listening level and could barely be heard in the front of my house let alone from the street. Evidently the neighbor in the back of me didn't think so. An officer came to my house around 5 PM and said there were complaints of excess noise and to turn down the music. I complied with the officer's request without question. My question is what is the limit of noise for mid to late afternoon?

A:City Ordinance 13-57 covers the ordinance in complete detail. Generally speaking loud stereos, tv, etc. is considered a direct violation between 11PM and 7AM, but is not all inclusive and may be a violation at any time of day depending upon the circumstances. A good general rule that is followed is that if your music or audio can be heard from more than 50 feet away, it is likely a violation.


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