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Handling Prank Calls
Q:. There is a group of kids in our neighborhood that I suspect are making prank calls. I have blocked their number, but they some how manage to call anyway (either they have another phone or they block their number). I have talked to the mother of the kids before (we've had many issues with these kids) and she simply does not care. The past couple of days it's gotten really annoying. What can we do about this?

A:. Working with your phone company yields the best results. AT&T customers can use the AT&T Annoyance Call Bureau to investigate and take steps to block. Other services I suggest you can add to your phone is Privacy Manager, or try using Call trace (*57) to attempt to establish the source by working with the phone company. The AT&T number is 800-769-4099.


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What Kind of Education to be a LEO?
Q.: If I don't have a criminal justice degree but I do have an associates in another field what are the steps I need to take to get into the law enforcement career?

A.: You do NOT need a degree in Criminal Justice to have a career in that field. Any advanced level of education (Associates, BA, MBA) is all fine when applying for a career. Having a CJ degree will not necessarily give you an edge over someone without one. Personally, I tell those interested to think about a degree in a similar field where that expertise can be of value as a LEO but in a different area, such as Psychology or English/Language Arts, Computer Science or even Writing. Good luck!


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Weapons Defense Resources
Q.: Do any local law enforcement agencies offer instruction pertaining to CCW/self defense? Particularly in what situations/scenarios one is justified to use deadly force? Is there a .gov website w/ accurate information pertaining to this subject?

A.: Obviously carrying a weapon for deadly force is a great responsibility and gun owners should be knowledgeable of the limitations on this. I am not aware of any agencies that offer such training, but the internet is a great wealth as is the websites for case law and statutes. Here is a link to an overview of the permit information as well.


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Where To Get a Polygraph?
Q.: Will the police department will give polygraphs to help in a court case? If not, where can I take one at a good price?

A.: The South Bend Police Department does not offer polygraphs to assist with background checks (outside of officer hiring) nor to assist in personal matters, but rather in criminal investigations. i would recommend finding a private investigator that may be able to help you.


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Weapons Permit with a Felony
Q.: I have a Class D felony, the charge was burglary, this happened when I was 18, and is my only thing on my adult record. It was non-violent. Am I able to apply for a hand gun permit in the county?

A.: In Indiana the term "proper person" to carry a handgun includes a person:

* Who is 18 and has not been convicted of a crime which carries a sentence in excess of one year.

* Who is not a drug or alcohol abuser, does not have a reputation or propensity for violence or instability.

* Who has not made a false statement of material fact on his application.

* Does not have a conviction for resisting law enforcement or of violating Indiana's weapon laws within five years of the application.

* Does not have an adjudication as a delinquent child for an act that would be a felony if committed by an adult if the applicant is less that 23.

An arrest for a Class A or Class B felony, or other felony that was committed while armed or involved violence, may be used to deny a license even if there was no conviction, if the court has found probable cause to believe that the person committed the offense.

Every initial application will be granted or rejected within sixty days. Current licenses are valid for four years from the date of Issuance. Indiana also offers lifetime permits.


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Becoming a K9 Officer
Q.: What do you have to do to become a k9 officer, and the education level?

A.: Being a K9 Handler is no different than any other level of patrol officer. K9 officers are assigned to Uniform Patrol. Becoming a K9 handler is considered an advancement to a specialty position, like a Crime Scene Technician, SWAT member, or Traffic Crash Investigator within the patrol officer ranks. Many of the K9 handlers have started out by donating their time to work with K9s in training and taking a lot of bites! More info on our K9 program is found in this feature.


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Stop Means Stop
Q.: Can you get a ticket for disregarding a stop sign in a parking lot since it is public property?

A.: Stop signs posted on private property are typically subject to the same guidelines as on standard roadways, and can be enforceable as such.


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Snow Parking
Q.: My family and I just moved to South Bend this past March. We have four vehicles to our name. If the City of South Bend declares a snow emergency, is it legal to park on the lawn along side the road while we wait for the snowplows to pass? As that is our only option. I do not wish to have our cars towed, or ticketed. Also, after the emergency has been declared how long do residents have to move their vehicles?

A.: Lawn or tree lawn parking is NOT permissible at any time. For snow removal declarations, parking is banned on all streets NOT designated as snow routes according to the following schedule. Vehicles in violation will be issued a citation and/or towed and/or impounded at the owner's expense and must be cleared within 24 hours of a snow emergency announcement or face fines or impound.
* Even-numbered days - No parking on east/west streets
* Odd-numbered days - No parking on north/south streets


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Reporting Drug Sales
Q.: I am a manager at a local business located next to a bar. The manager of the bar has from time to time been selling drugs behind the building. I have seen it several times myself along with a majority of my coworkers and his employees are aware also. I was trying to be nice and let him know that he needed to stop what he was doing because there are a lot of people aware and he is going to get caught eventually. Since that day he has been telling people that he is going to beat me up and mess up my vehicle which i have to park by the bar.

A.: If the manager is making direct threats to you you can file a police report to document the threats or intimidation if it is direct at you. If you are concerned with the narcotics activity you can report to our Narcotics Sales Tip Line at 235-9406 with the pertinent information.


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Nuisance Apartment Neighbors
Q.: I just moved here from Alaska so I am very new here. I smell marijuana burning in my apartment building at night is there a number I can call and I don't have to tell them who I am so they can come check out the smell?

A: I would recommend speaking to the leasing agent/office about the activities that you suspect is taking place in your neighbors apartment. Many apartment complexes (especially federally subsidized ones) have stringent guidelines about illegal activity such as drug use that can have residents evicted. It is difficult for officers to investigate marijuana being smoked inside private residences because of case law on needing warrants and the difficulty in obtaining in a timely manner if persons will not allow police in. If you suspect drug activity in terms of selling narcotics you can call the Narcotic Sales tip line at 235-9406.


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Factors in Hiring
Q.I am interested in becoming a cop and was told that if you have watched pornography you will automatically be disqualified. How true is that? My credit score isn't that good because of some hospital bills. Will i also be disqualified because of this?

A: Integrity of character is very important when going thought the hiring process as an applicant. Having viewed pornography in the past by itself may not be grounds for disqualification, but it will be a question that is asked of you (usually during the polygraph phase) and any deception detected there can rule you out. Credit scores and your financial history is viewed heavily by most departments as well to select the best candidates out of an applicant pool. Honesty in these ares is highly rated.


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