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Reserve Officers
Q: With the recent article published in the SB Tribune regarding 40 potential lay-offs of officers, is there any discussion about adding a reserve division to help?

A: We have no plans to add a non-sworn officer Reserve division, however if you are interested in being a civilian volunteer, you may be interested in our CVO Unit, which is for civilian volunteers to assist in patrol cars with traffic direction and other form of traffic unit assistance. Contact Lt. Steve Goen at 235-7515 for more information on this unit.


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Chaning Lanes
Q: Can you turn right at a red light if there are two right turn only lanes and you are in the inner (left) lane? I'm thinking of the intersection at Cleveland Road and Grape Road.

Also, just south of downtown South Bend there is a shift of three lanes to four lanes going north on Michigan Street. If you are in the center lane of the three lane street, which lane should you take once you enter the four lane street? I'm thinking the outer lane drivers should stay straight and the inner lane drivers may choose either of the inner lanes.

A: Indiana Code 9-21-8-21 states that A person who drives a vehicle intending to turn at anintersection must do the following:
(1) Make both the approach for a right turn and a right turn asclose as practical to the right-hand curb or edge of the roadway.

In the case of a dual right hand turn lane, turning right from either lane when appropriate to do so is permissible as long as you maintain your same lane.

In the case of that "jog", near Michigan and Broadway, there is no painted advisory to maintain the lanes, so my advice is to maintain the correct lane you are in until safe to do so otherwise- and use your signals to let others know which one you are taking!


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Who Called to Complain?
Q: Hello, on July 5th a person in our neighborhood filed a noise complaint against me and my family for shooting very small fireworks off. The Sheriff arrived and immediately saw that it was safe and it was not a big issue. I asked the Deputy who called in the complaint. He said he did not know, but I could call the Sheriffs office and get the name(s) of the person that filed a noise complaint.

When I called today to request that information, I was told yes I would have to fill out a signed request and fax it back to them. After completing the form and faxing it back, I was told they were unsure if they could give out that information, names address’s phones etc., and they would get back to me when they figured out what the law was.

I would like to know what the law is regarding this in Indiana. Do I have the right to know?It seems to me that if someone files a claim for anything against
anyone, that person should have the right to know who it was. Thanks

A: I will answer your question as best I can. Since you live in the county I don't know if the procedures are the same, however if a complaint is called in (say loud noise, etc) and officers are dispatched to investigate, in many cases the caller may not wish to be contacted, so that information for complainant may be listed as "refused". In this case there is no easy way to go back through records to research who this may have been and this information would not be easily available.

In cases where an arrest may be made or for more serious criminal matters, that information may make its way onto a case report, but again, it all depends upon the circumstances. For example if I was called out by a neighbor complaint, but I myself hear the loud music, I would be considered the complainant as I also directly witnessed the violation. You may want to follow up with the County Police to see if their procedures are the same as you do not live in the city.
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Driving With High Beams Illegal?
Q: Is it against the law to drive with high beams on when oncoming traffic is on the road?

A: Yes. Indiana Code IC 9-21-8-51 regulates using high beams, and states that a driver who fails to dim bright or blinding lights when meeting another
vehicle or pedestrian commits a Class B infraction.


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Reporting a crime if you live out of state
Q: I was a victim of identity theft this year. I have reason to believe that the person lives in your jurisdiction who did
this. My local police say all that they can do is do a report that it would be up to the police in the jurisdiction that the person who
committed the fraud lived in to act.

A: By your ZIP code I see you reside in North Carolina. Reporting crimes indifferent jurisdictions can become a problem, however, crimes need to be reported where the "victim"'s location is.
In this case you need to report the crime locally and an investigator can contact our investigative division to work together where possible.


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Truck Parking Defined
Q: Can a FedEx large delivery van be parked in front of drivers home on the city street overnight and all day during week
ends? Do they fall under the south bend delivery vehicle permit regulations ?

A: "Large" does not specify the type and size of vehicle permitted to park, however by city ordinance regulates truck parking with a GVW over 11,000 lbs. See below:

Sec. 20-117. Definition.
When used in this article:
Truck shall be defined as a motor vehicle designed, used or maintained primarily for the transportation of property whose declared gross vehicle weight when empty exceeds eleven thousand (11,000) pounds.
(Ord. No. 6838-80, § 1)

Sec. 20-118. Parking restricted.
(a) No person shall park a truck as heretofore defined on any street next to an area zoned "A" or "A-1" Residence Districts, "A-2" or "A-3" Planned Residential Districts, or "B" or "B-1" Residence Districts, except for the purpose of loading, unloading, servicing, or being then involved in the repair or construction of a residence. Such trucks shall be allowed to park on such residential streets when being used in connection with servicing a public utility.
(b) All such trucks may be parked in a carport, private garage, or driveway unless otherwise restricted by the zoning code.
(c) All trucks, regardless of declared gross vehicle weight, which are used for picking up trash on a commercial basis are strictly prohibited from parking on any residential street except for the purpose of loading.
(d) No person shall park any vehicle in an SF1 Single Family and Two Family District, SF2 Single Family and Two Family District or MF1 Urban Corridor Multifamily District or MF2 High Density Multifamily District in violation of Section 21-02.01, 21-02.02 or 21-02.03 or 21-02.04 of the South Bend Municipal Code.
(e) No person shall park any vehicle on an unimproved vacant lot in an "A" Residential District, "A-1" Residential District, "B" Residential District, "C" Commercial District, or "D" Light Industrial District in violation of Section 21-04.01 of the South Bend Municipal Code.
(Ord. No. 6838-80, § 1; Ord. No. 9257-01, § II)

Sec. 20-119. Penalties.
Any owner of any truck or other vehicle which is found illegally parked on any residential street or lot, and the owners and occupants of any residential property who allow such parking in violation of Section 20-118 shall be fined fifty dollars ($50.00) for the first offense and one hundred dollars ($100.00) for all subsequent offenses. Fines issued under this section shall be payable through the Ordinance Violations Bureau pursuant to Section 2-213 of this Code.
(Ord. No. 6838-80, § 1; Ord. No. 9257-01, § III)


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Paying My Citation
Q: Where do I pay my seatbelt ticket?

I received a traffic ticket- how much is it?

A: You can call the St Joseph County Clerk's Office Traffic Violations Bureau (located room 211 of the 1888 Courthouse- next to County-City Building) at 235-9511 during normal business hours for more information on how to pay and where for the type of citation you were served. This number is at the bottom of the citation you were given.

Officers are commonly asked this question regarding costs, but we do not have this information. Costs vary for the type of offense committed. Contact the number listed and they can tell you the exact cost for your offense.


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