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If you subscribe to the SBPD Ask A Cop site feed, I would like to point out two features I added to the department home page, on reporting non emergency crimes, and also a look at "replica" BB type handguns. Take a look!


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CCW Permit for County Residents
Q: How do I apply for a Concealed weapons permit for the county? What is the cost? In the past you could only apply on Wednesday, is this still the case?

A: If you are a county resident (five digit street address) Weapons carry permits are handled by the St Joseph County Police. Contact the SJCPD records office at 245-6535 for more information on this process.


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I Locked My Car Keys In My Car
Q: O Jan 30th, 2008, I locked my keys inside my car with the engine on. I called the police and I got a response which annoyed me greatly. "We don't do that, ma'am." Do you think that opening people's car doors is an insignificant task and one should be
left on one's own? I lived in Berrien Springs, MI before and I did the same thing in the bitter cold and someone came to open my door. What I would like to know is why you don't do that?

A: The reason SBPD does not offer any lockout assistance for non emergency situations is primarily due to liability purposes. Modern vehicles often have more complex and anti theft measures built into them to prevent "slim jimming" of a door lock rod. As such, potential for vehicle damage, and subsequent requests by people wanting the city to reimburse them for the goodwill of trying to help is the primary reason why this is no longer done, and has been the policy for approximately 8 years now.

If you lock your keys in the car, locksmiths often have better equipment and options to assist you getting into your car for a nominal fee. In fact, officers are not issued any sort of door unlocking equipment to even be able to do so, with the exception of a window glass shattering punch, to be used in emergency situations, (such as medical emergencies, or if small children may be locked in a hot vehicle, etc)


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Domestic Abuse Options
Q: I am a victim of domestic abuse. I had my husband taken to jail and have a restraint order on him. He attempted to kill me and threatened to kill his three daughters. He was intoxicated and is an alcoholic. I am not going to press charges against him but want him to stay away from me and the girls. This is why I need this
restraint order. I don't wish prison on him but would like it if he had to go to a rehab and take anger management classes but don't want him near us. Not until he
gets help. This was his first time ever doing this and I am not making excuses because he almost killed me. I am so greatful that I am alive today. I just want him to get well.

A: You should understand that is is not ever right for a significant other to abuse you in any way. I understand every situation is different but you should take steps to protect yourself and your family first and foremost. Your question on sentencing is dependent upon the judge's recommendation. Your situation would likely qualify you for a protection order, but you need to speak to a prosecutor regarding your circumstances, or contact your assigned Family Violence Unit investigator. I would also encourage you to contact the local YWCA for more information and victim assistance programs that they offer for women in abusive relationships.


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Police Scanners in Vehicles?
Q: Is it legal to carry a scanner in a vehicle?

A: No. IC 35-44-3-12 prohibits radios capable of receiving police frequencies to be in a vehicle with few exceptcions, and it is an arrestable class B Misdemeanor!


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