Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Examining For Prints
Q: I am working on a fictional story for school involving a detective case. In the story there is a break-in with no items stolen the police were called but would they realistically do a fingerprint searching? On t.v. they probably would but how about real life. Thank you and I look forward to hearing
back, if this story is really realistic maybe I can even get extra credit!!

A: The answer is "it depends". In most cases if a person calls to report a burglary, the reporting officer will attempt to examine for possible latent prints. If no loss is reported, the likely points would be a probable point of entry/exit. I try to recover prints at all burglary scenes when possible, unless surface textures (uneven grain, wood, dirt, etc) prohibits a successful lift, or if it is apparent no prints are recoverable- such as gloves being used. Good luck, and share your story!


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