Wednesday, July 18, 2007
A question published here earlier appeared in last Sunday's Tribune about self defense classes offered. I suggested to contact our Crime Prevention Unit for additional information but was later informed that the Crime Prevention Unit does not have any outside referrals for these type of classes, which are not offered by the police department. Sorry for any confusion this may have caused anyone.


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Concealed Carry
Q:I am waiting for my concealed weapons license to come back what are the laws on carrying a handgun does it have to be visible?

A:I just covered this a couple of weeks ago for you. Check this link out.


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Reporting A Loud Neighbor
Q:We have been having trouble with our neighbors this summer. They put in a backyard pool and deck and often have get togethers which have gotten very loud and happen 3-4 nights a week. Our houses are very close together. We have asked them to please control the noise at a decent hour (they are screaming and yelling and blaring music until 3-4 in the morning. The don't even get loud until 10 p.m.). We tried to talk to them in person, but nothing every changes. I called the non-emergency number and reported a
noise disturbance. The police officer came out and talked to them, but after they left my neighbor started yelling even louder. I am nervous about what might happen if I have to call for noise again. What can the police do help us feel safe in this situation?

A: As I mentioned in the next post, city ordinance 13-57 outlines noise violations and repeat calls for gatherings. If you do not wish to address yourself with a neighbor, then police can do so for you and enforce the ordinance with a warning or citation if the noise is excessive or becomes a repeat call.

If you do not report the violation then it makes it difficult for police to enforce if we are not made aware of the situation. You do not need to give your information unless you wish to have an officer contact you as well at the time of the call, but it is always appreciated and the officer can give you more information about the enforcement taken for that circumstance if you do.


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Are YOU a Loud Neighbor?
Q: This past weekend I had a dozen friends over for a get together. I had a stereo turned on and at what I thought was a comfortable listening level and could barely be heard in the front of my house let alone from the street. Evidently the neighbor in the back of me didn't think so. An officer came to my house around 5 PM and said there were complaints of excess noise and to turn down the music. I complied with the officer's request without question. My question is what is the limit of noise for mid to late afternoon?

A:City Ordinance 13-57 covers the ordinance in complete detail. Generally speaking loud stereos, tv, etc. is considered a direct violation between 11PM and 7AM, but is not all inclusive and may be a violation at any time of day depending upon the circumstances. A good general rule that is followed is that if your music or audio can be heard from more than 50 feet away, it is likely a violation.


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Lawn Parking Ordinance Violation
Q: Please explain what the ordinance CLEARLY states about parking on lawns now. I know during ND games they can park on lawns but what about other times and other areas than out by ND. Thank you.

A: Revised City Ordinance 9749-07 (section 14-40) states that vehicle parking is prohibited on front, side, or rear yard areas on any property zoned as a residential dwelling, unless on a hard surface designated for parking (driveways, etc).

Code Enforcement or South Bend Police are authorized to enforce. This may be done in the form of a warning or citation as up to the discretion of the officer. First offense is $100.00, $250.00 for second, and third offense is $350.00. Also the revision allows officers to authorize towing if deemed necessary on private property. This is in effect city wide and at all times, not just Notre Dame areas/gamedays.


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Procedures for Animal Bites
Q:What should someone do after being bit by a domestic animal besides get medical treatment? What are the proper procedures?

A: Obviously medical attention should be first and foremost. Animals that bite people or other animals must be quarantined a minimum of ten days. Location of the quarantine is dependent upon the circumstances of the bite. If your pet is involved in a bite situation, call South Bend Animal Control at 574.235.9303 to file a bite report. They handle hundreds of bite reports annually. Wild animals that bite cannot be quarantined regardless of vaccination status or state permits. We do NOT recommend the ownership of wild animals as pets.


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Trying To Get Hired
Q:I am very interested in becoming a police officer in Indiana. I got out of the U.S. Army in April of 2006 I was in for almost five years and I served 12 months in Iraq. I am currently attending college but I have applied at numerous police departments but I am having no luck. Is there something I can do that will help me more?

A: The hiring process is very competetive and also very scrutinous to go through with many police agencies. I don't have specifics of your qualifications or background, so it is hard to give you exact advice. I would suggest that the most important things to look at in yourself is COMPLETE honesty on the application and interviews- it will only hurt you later. Also listing military experience, volunteerism and community service experience, as well as higher education/degrees are all things that are looked at as a competetive edge. Good luck to you!


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Sex Offender Websites
Q: My wife would like to know how to get information on sex predator sites that dont cost money so she can look them up.

A: A great resource is the Indiana Sheriff's Association Registry or at Family Watchdog.US for a national database.


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Thursday, July 05, 2007
Parking on Streets
Q: We had a new neighbor move in recently. They have had many cars- typically about 6-7 every night since they have moved in. They park up and down the street so the neighbors have no room to have their company over as there is nowhere to park. I figure that the one night was for a welcome to your new home party but it is becoming an every night thing. Is there anything we can do?

A: In most residential areas in the city, parking spaces are NOT exclusive to the street or area in front of your house. As such, if cars are legally and properly parked, there is no enforcement action that can be taken about cars parking in front of your house, since parking spaces are generally not "assigned" on city streets.

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How to Report Drug Activity
Q:What do I do if I think the house next door to me is dealing or making drugs? The basement windows are covered up, there is a lot of fast in/out traffic in the early morning hours, people staying there change frequently, little plastic bags appear in the neighboring yards, no one seems to go to work at a job, etc. There are kids that live there too. Something bad is going on and I really don't want my house in danger. It's scary to think what may happen. Thanks for any direction you can give me.

A: The things you mention are, in fact, good indicators of a possible drug house in your area. Please contact the Metro Special Operations Section (MSOS) drug tip line at 235-9406 to report this activity. Getting rid of neighborhood drug houses depends upon citizens willing to provide this information to assist police in ongoing efforts to rid the city of drug and nuisance houses.
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Private Investigators
Q:Do you guys have any private investigators in South Bend?

A: We as a police department do not, but private detective agencies do exist in the area. Consult the phone book or an internet search on a company locally that may help if you have a need.
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Help with bad neighbors
Q:I live directly behind the Western Manor appartments. I am consistently bombarded with empty beer bottles, food wrappers, and even old tires. I personally brought some of the items to the building manager and she told me there was nothing she could do about it. Last year I had family over for a traditional barbeque. My daughter had to take my grandaughter home to get away from the blarring filth of loud music coming from the other side of the fence. Am I to assume that this is just a way of life I have to accept ?

A: Loud music violations can be addressed by police as a violation of city ordinance. You can call police to contact yourself or the offenders when that is occuring. For property issues- trash, weeds, property upkeep, you can contact city Code Enforcement for help on addressing those issues.


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Gossip as a crime?
Q:My neighbor and I got into an arguement because she was spreading rumors about my daughter who by the way is a great kid. Now my daughter is trying to get a job at the corner cafe but my neighbor keeps going down and spreading gossip and trying to make it where my
daughter doesn't get the job, and so far it is working. What can I do about it?

A: Unfortunately gossip is not considered a crime, and there are often several sides to a story. In your case there is not a great deal you can do. You could try to speak to the cafe owner one on one or try to speak to the neighbor and see if it can be peacefully resolved.


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Hiring Questions
A:I am interested in persuing a career in law enforcement. I am 17 and going to college in a year and beginning to decide my school and major. I have been reading about the Police Corps scholarship opportunities. Does SBPD support this program, or could you give me any information about its scholarships, and or info about SBPD? I am considering putting in an app. for the program, I have a 3.5 gpa, participate in 3 sports, and will soon be a certified EMT B. Will this help me with a possible scholarship of any kind? Any info would be great.

A: Thanks for your interest. You sound like a prime candidate for joining our Explorer program, of which I also help run. As for Police Corps, SBPD does support the program and several officers here have been placed in employment through the Police Corps program. In addition you may consider our Cadet program upon your high school graduation. Take a look at the links provided for more information on both programs we offer! Talk to you soon!


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Information on Crime Reports
Q:Recently there was a notice in the Tribune about a rape that occured near Frances & Wayne. I work in the very close vicinity (within a block) with an office of mostly women. We are without a doubt very nervous about our working situation. Often times there is a purse-snatcher walking in our building stealing purses and there was recently a break-in. My questions are:

1)How do we go about accessing detailed information about the rape that took place. We would like to know if was random, which house it was, etc.

2) Can we request more police patrol in the vicinity due to the increase in crime? Is it appropriate to call the police to investigate a suspicious person walking around?

A: In answer to your questions detailed information of a police report is generally not made available to the general public, especially in cases of criminal investigation, due to often sensitive information that is contained within the report.

As for additional police patrols, information on crimes, especially violent or dangerous ones, is dessiminated to the officers in that area during roll calls. Extra patrols are often made at the discretion of shift commanders dependent upon the incident, and if an increase in a certain crime or crime pattern is noted. If you do see suspicious behavior, please contact us to report at 235-9201 if it is a non emergency.


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