Thursday, May 24, 2007
Another Hiring Question
Q: I'm in the Army and would like to be a South Bend Police Officer when I get out. I get out of the Army in July of 2009. I was wondering how and when I should begin the application process. Thanks.

A: Applications are accepted year round and put into a pool for upcoming testing dates. You are then notified by mail of upcoming dates and when to report for testing. Visit our jobs page for more information, and good luck!


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Loud music from rental houses
Q: How many times do police have to be called to a rental home for loud music outside (NOISE VIOLATION) before something is finally done about it? If you look up [provided address], this house has been reported numerous times for loud music at all hours day and night and nothing has been done. Someone needs to contact the landlord.

A: Noise violations can be difficult to enforce as I have mentioned here in the past. Often, if officers are called to an address, and no loud noise is heard, then no enforcement action can be taken. If noise/music heard is deemed excessive, common practice is to provide a warning asking music be turned down. After that citations can be written as a violation of city ordinance 13-57. Enforcement letters can also be written by the city attorney's office contacting the owner and advising that other legal action may be taken.
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Cars of Fallen Officers
Q: What does the department do with the cars of fallen officers? I have wondered this since way back when Paul Deguch was killed. Do you just renumber them for reissue? I think it might be an honor to drive a fallen officer's car but then I think it would be kind of creepy
knowing that they responded to their last call in that vehicle.

A: The vehicles of fallen officers have typically been reassigned after being renumbered in the past. Older vehicles that may be near the end of the service life may also just be retired altogether.
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Information on Runaways
Q: I have a 15 year old niece that has run away. What can we do as a family to put the word out, I know we can't use the Amber Alert for a runaway, but there has to be some sort of same type of service available.

A: You are correct, Amber Alerts are only issued in cases of probable child danger, such as abductions. A great resource for family of missing and runaway children is which has a lot of resource information and tips on what to do when your child is a runaway. You can also report your missing child to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) at 1-800-THE-LOST. Locally you can also contact the Youth Service Bureau Safe Station for more information as well- 574-235-9396.
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Treating wide two lane roads like four lanes
Q:What's the definitive rule on roads not striped for two lanes each direction? Specifically, a road (for example: Jefferson Blvd between Logan and Hill)that is not striped for two lanes in each direction. Yet, the accepted practice is to treat Jefferson as if it were two lanes each direction. Why is this allowed? Why not just stripe roads like Jefferson into 4 lanes?

A: You are correct that roads like Jefferson that are wider than usual are commonly driven as four lanes of travel. The answer is that these roads are still only designated as a TWO lane road (separated by a single or double yellow stripe, with no other white dividing lane striping in the same lane).

If traffic enforcement action is taken on a driver for using the road as such, it can result in a ticket for improper passing or unsafe lane movement.
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Tuesday, May 08, 2007
Stayin' Afloat 2007
I also want to mention the upcoming Stayin' Afloat 2007 Fundraiser that will be put on by Cpl Chris Krueger in a few weeks. Stayin' Afloat 2007 is the second annual fundraiser for suicide prevention and awareness, with proceeds benefitting the Suicide Prevention Council of St. Joseph County and Ryan's Place in Elkhart County.

Saturday, July 7, 2007
Seitz Park/ East Race
Downtown South Bend
8:00 a.m.- 10:00 p.m.
Contact: South Bend Police Department @ 574-235-7682

South Bend Police Department Cpl. Chris Krueger is a survivor of his 29-year-old sister's suicide three years ago. To honor his sister Amy Elaine's memory, and to help prevent tragic loss to other families, this "celebration for life" will include prevention education along with a pancake breakfast, poker ride, public safety demos, "Dunk-a-Cop," a Bench Press and Strong Man Competition, East Race Walking and Rafting, FREE music from five bands-- and food, fun, face painting and more for the kids. The event will close with personal dedication and prayers.

Cpl. Krueger volunteers his own time, alongside many community partners, public safety personnel, family and friends. If you have any means to help or make a donation, more details will be coming up on the main SBPD website soon, or if you wish to get involved, please call 574-235-7682.
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More on Take Home Cars
Q:What is the departments rule on take-home police cars? Specifically, are officers allowed to drive the car for personal reasons out of the city they work for (a SB officer driving in Granger, Mishawaka, etc). This is a little disturbing to me to think that tax payer dollars are being used to buy gas for police cars when they are being used for personal reasons - especially with gas prices they way they are now. Dont get me wrong - I fully support take-home police cars. I have quite a few officers in my neighborhood and it does make me feel safer just seeing the cars parked out front. I just dont like seeing officers taking advantage of it.

A: SBPD officers who have a take home car are allowed to use the car for personal use off duty, provided they are carrying proper identification and other issued equipment as required. As you mention, this is for visibility and crime deterrence reasons. In addition, many officers (myself included) are specialists who are on-call status and are subject to call 24 hours a day.

Take home cars may only be used within St Joseph County (unless attending a training function out of the area), and the agreement with the Police Department and the Fraternal Order of Police asks that officers limit take home car use when possible in light of fuel costs.


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What to do with abandoned property?
Q: I allowed a friend of mine to store her stuff in my spare bedroom. It was only supposed to be here for a week, and it has now been over a month since she has dropped off her stuff. I have tried contacting her to get her things out, but have had no luck.

At this point I am ready to put it out for trash pick up, but I'm just not sure what to do. I don't have the room to store it any longer. I'm not sure of the legalities of other peoples items in my property.

A: You may not be liable for the items being "abandoned" by the owner after a certain period of time, however this depends upon the circumstances of your arrangement (contract, verbal, rental, if money was exchanged, etc.). I suggest you contact a consumer law resource or an attorney to best help you with this so you do not end up being sued.
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Becoming a Detective
Q: I would like to know what education/requirements are for becoming a detective? Ever since I can remember I have always been facinated with detective work and wanted to be in forensics. Do you have to go to police academy first or do you just need the right college education?

A: I get asked this a lot, mostly due to television shows. A detective is a promotion to a different path of law enforcement (investigative vs. uniform patrol). The basic requirements are the same- must be a sworn police officer, and since it is a promotion, you need to start with the basics of gaining several years of street patrol experience to be considered to advance up. Being a member of a specialty unit (such as a Uniform Crime Scene Technician, an on call diagrammer, or another specialty is good additional experience, as is higher education. But all detectives are sworn police officers, and you need to start at the entry level first.
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