Sunday, April 29, 2007
Updated 4/29/07
Sorry for the lack of updates last week. With the death of Cpl. Polizzotto and subsequent injury of Ptl. Norby, myself, along with the rest of the department have had to focus elsewhere. I updated all of the inquiries that have come in.

While on topic, I would like to say thank you to all citizens who have stopped by the department to pay respects or visit the memorial for Nick. Your show of support by stopping by or lining the roadside for our services means a lot during our time of loss.
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Loud Dogs
Q: Can you tell me what choices I have available for dealing with a neighbor/dog problem? My neighbor just got a new dog, and now every time the dog is in her back yard, the dog barks frantically and constantly. What recourse do I have? Is there a noise ordinance or nuisance ordinance that would apply? Otherwise, it looks like it's going to be a miserable summer.

A: Loud Dogs can be a nuisance, but not necessarily in violation of the city's Unreasonable Noise ordinance. Barking dog and other animal concerns or complaints are handled by the City Animal Control Department- you can call them to discuss your concern by calling 574.235.9303.


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Another Hiring Question
Q: I would like to know when you are hiring again.

A: I already covered this previously on how/when the hiring process works, so please check it out here. Get your application in asap to get yourself in the process! Good luck.


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SBPD vs. County Police Jurisdictions?
Q: Where is the separation between the SBPD's and the St. Joe County Police jurisdiction? When I've called SB in the past (for non-emergency), they have referred me to county.

A: I see by your address given that you are a St. Joseph County resident. As such, you are serviced by the County Police for all police needs. The easiest way to tell what agency serves you is this way- if you have a three or four digit address, you are a South Bend City resident, and would call SBPD. A five digit address meane you live in the county, and need to call the County Police.
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Driving on an Expired License
Q:In the case that someone is driving with an expired license and expired plates who should you contact? It is scary to think that this person is driving with their child also. In this event they are putting themselves and the risk of others in danger due to the fact they also probably don't have insurance. What can be done about this?

A: Driving on an expired (but valid otherwise) operators license is just an infraction in Indiana, so the driver, if pulled over, would likely at most be cited for the expired license. Expired plates are also a ticketable offense, and state law also dictates that a car is to be impounded, as you cannot legally operator (or park on a street) a car with an expired plate.

State law requires valid insurance, and you must show proof of insurance to police when requested. Your car could also be impounded for this reason.


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Physical Fitness Question
Q: I am in the Army and currently stationed in Germany where I will remain until 2009. When I leave the Army I would like to persue a career in Law Enforcement. I was wondering if it is possible to skip the Physical Training part of the Police Academy because
of my military training and the Army's physical fitness standards.

A: No. The Indiana Law Enforcement Academy is the statewide academy for most Indiana departments, and they do not have any provision for it. The academy standards are identical to our physical agility testing standards, which you can see on our jobs page, or at the ILEA website. If you are in good shape and maintain it, you should have no problem with this portion of testing. Good luck to you, and be safe!
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Warrant Question
Q: How do you know if you have a warrant if you know longer live in the state?

A: Local warrants are handled through the St Joseph County Police warrants division. If you live out of the area you may try contacting your local police department for more information on what you can do, or contact the SJCPD directly.


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Juveniles and jobs
Q: Can I join the SBPD while I'm in high school?

A: To be a police officer you must be 21 years old. If you are still in school and are interested in learning more about the job and the department, check out our Police Explorer program, which I am involved with also- it will give you hands on experience and education that you can use to get your interest going! You can see more information on the Explorer web page here!


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Help for paper
Q:I am a student at a local high school and I am doing my senior paper on Date Rape- the consequences and punishments of it. I have been searching and I can not find any thing about the punishments or consequences and or the time the attackers have to serve. so Please help me I have no clue about where to go to find this information out.

A: I would suggest a few places- first on the web, the state's official website- has a search function to look up the statues for related sexual and battery crimes for more information on the offenses. You may also try contacting the Casie Center or the YWCA locally for more information on victim resources. Good luck!
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Sunday, April 08, 2007
Officer Down History
Q: My grandfather, Sylvester Zell, was a police officer involved in the Dillinger bank robbery in South Bend on June 20, 1934. I know one officer was killed at that time. How can I get more information about what took place, or about my grandfather's service as an officer? Thanks for your help.

A: Sadly, we do not have a full archive of history events to provide you with full information, however the incident you are speaking of- a robbery of the Merchants National Bank,occurred on June 30, 1934, in which Patrolman Howard C. Wagner was shot and killed. "Baby Face" Nelson, John Dillinger, and Homer Van Meter participated in the actual robbery. Following the robbery, the gangsters fled to Chicago, Illinois. Later two police officers were shot on Wolf Road, outside Chicago, when Nelson opened fire as they approached the gang's meeting place. You can find out more at the page I linked above, or here
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Child Safety Tips
Q: My 3 1/2 year old daughter keeping running away from family member when she is in a public area. She has run toward busy streets and run off in big crowds. Are there any tips I can use to keep her safe?

A:Good question! Obviously as a parent you are concerned about your child's safety. Keeping an eye on your child at all times is common sense. Trying to free yourself of distractions when in public is important also- staying off phones when out with your child and being attentive to your child at all times is the best advice.

One thing I see a lot is parents who comment to uniformed officers comments such as "behave or that policeman will arrest you". This is terrible advice. If your child gets lost in public, he/she needs to be taught by the parent that police officers are there to help and a safe place to go if they are lost, scared, or in danger. Teaching your child to be scared of the police will have the exact opposite effect, causing them to run farther or hide when several officers are searching the area for your lost child. Teach your child that uniformed police officers are the best persons to go to for assistance if they get lost. As for other tips, check out for more tips to put to use.

UPDATE I recieved an email from the director of another great resource I will add:


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Open Weapons Carrying?
Q:If I have an Indiana gun permit for a handgun, is it breaking the law if I had it on my hip, and walked into a public place?

A:Indiana's weapons carrying permit law is designed for weapons to be carried about the person. The law does not specifically prohibit "open carry" however, you must have a permit to carry a handgun at all. Some places prohibit carrying weapons at all, such as schools, and casinos as an example.

While the law does not prohibit "open carry" specifically, the intent of the law is to carry the weapon (assuming it is a personal protection permit) responsibly and discreetly (i.e. concealed) and if your open carry is determined to be a danger or reckless by an investigating officer, you could risk being arrested, losing your permit and your weapon. My advice is to carry your handgun concealed.


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